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You just purchased a new state of the art laptop. You are aware of the laptop being at high risk for theft, damage etc., so you know you need good laptop insurance coverage. Where do you start? Well to begin with, you learn a little bit about what laptop insurance policies will offer and will not offer. Then you determine what you do, and do not need. Finally, you put the two together, and then find an Insurance Company that you feel is trustworthy.

What will the laptop computer Insurance companies offer you by way of coverage of your laptop?
Here are some examples;

Not all Companies are the same, so of course they will all offer the same basics, and then some will offer things that others do not.

These are usually the basic coverage that the majority of Computer Insurance Companies will offer:
-Accidental loss or damage
Does not sound like much does it. However, these are probably the top three most likely mishaps to take place. These items are additional items that some Insurance Companies offer, of course the more that the policies cover for example laptop travel insurance, the higher the premiums will be:.
-Water damage
-Liquid damage
-24/7 coverage
-Worldwide coverage
-Travel coverage
-Extended coverage
-Courier costs
-Transit coverage
In addition, you want a company that will replace your laptop, notebook or macbook with no problems and the faster the better. Also, if your finances are tight then you will want some type of payment plan.
Some of these items may be included in your basic package or you may be able to have them added. Then again, there may be a separate policy that combines both the basics and these as well. You should discuss these things in detail before you purchase your policy.

The next step now that you know what you can get is to determine what do you need.

That is determined by the reason you bought the laptop for in the first place, and how and where it will be used. For example, if you are a student, are you going to be carrying the laptop back and forth to classes every day, or is it going to remain at your residence to work on mostly when you are there? Is your place of residence reasonably safe from potential water damage? If you live in a dorm for example, is there a risk that water could overflow from the floor above you.

Student laptop insurance requirements may vary, so based on the answers to these questions and several others would give you a pretty good idea as to what type of coverage you should have. If you are a businessperson, the same type of questions is going to be applicable as well as business laptop insurance needs will be different for each company. In addition, you want to know your laptop is covered if stolen from your vehicle.

Some other pertinent questions may be travel coverage. Would your laptop have full coverage if in another country? Would it be covered during transit? For example if you were traveling by plane and it was damaged or stolen, would it be covered? These are all things you are going to need to know. Now that you have a good idea what you require it is a matter of searching around until you find the best Laptop Insurance Company that has the most suitable insurance policy to offer you for your needs










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