In previous articles we have talked about various things you will come across in your laptop insurance policy that you don’t understand. It’s important that you do gain some knowledge as to what these things mean. In this article we are going to cover a few other terms to give you a better understanding of what a insurance policy covers.

Claims Notification and Requirements.
This section will outline the rules set by your particular laptop insurance company as to how you are to notify them if you need to make a claim. Don’t just assume that you just make a phone call and that’s it. Technically you must follow the rules as outlined in the conditions of your policy.
They may state that you must notify them by telephone as well as mail with a detailed summary of the event. You may be responsible to have filed a police report.

Claims Settlement:
Here you will find the details as to how basically the Insurance Company will go about settling a claim. Don’t just assume that if something accidentally happens to your computer that you can just take it in and have it repaired and then send the bill to the Insurance company for compensation. It doesn’t work that way.

Alteration of Working Conditions:
When your laptop is insured ,it is insured as being in proper working condition. That’s why often you can’t get coverage for used laptops. If during any time you were to discover something wasn’t working right regarding the laptop and it could be a hazard, for example faulty components that could start a fire. This must be reported to the Insurance company, plus you will be expected to rectify the problem immediately by having it repaired. This is just a basic example. Read this area of your policy carefully.

If for some reason you laptop had to be replaced, lets say it had been stolen. So the laptop insurance company replaces it for you. Then a short time later the original one is found and returned to you. You don’t get to keep it, this must be turned into the Insurance company. It’s now their property.

Right Of Inspection;
This section will tell you that the computer insurance company has the right at any time to ask you to produce the laptop for their inspection. If it has been improperly handled and in poor working condition this will become evident in the inspection. It could then affect your policy.

If something comes to the attention of the Insurance Company that a condition may not be being met, they can suspend or put your policy on hold . They will notify you in writing of this. Which means during this suspension you have no right to make any claims should the need arise. In reality you are not covered during this period.

Now knowing a bit more about what the definitions mean, it may enhance your awareness of what your responsibilities and the laptop insurance’s obligations are. You know what a policy will basically consist of. Now find a reputable Insurance company that will explain everything to you in plain and simple terms. Where you can fill in a simple online application and know there are no hidden clauses.

Laptop Statistics

October 31st, 2009

If you are debating whether you need laptop insurance coverage then consider these statistics. Over 72,000 laptops are stolen every year, and an additional 108,000 are damaged due to various reasons. Therefore, if your laptop is of great value to you, from a personal point of view as well as a cost factor, then you most likely need laptop insurance. Once you have made a decision you will now be faced with several questions. Here are the most likely questions you will need to find the answers to.

Can I afford it?
Probably the more realistic question, which you have already answered, is, Can I afford not to? Look over your finances and determine what you feel you can afford for Insurance. Do not check out the prices being offered by the various insurance companies yet. If you are reasonable in your budget allotment, you may find you are pleasantly surprised in what it will get you. Whereas if you research one of two companies just to determine the cost of premiums, you may end up disappointed. By this, I mean you may see at quote for a £100. So this is what you budget. Then when you check out what the policy will cover, it does not give you half of what you need.

Where Do I Find Insurance Companies?
First, you need to decide do you want to deal with an Insurance company that only deals with this specialized type of insurance. Alternatively, do you want to deal with a general insurance company? Alternatively, perhaps you are thinking you could just add your laptop to your general home insurance. Before making this decision consider these factors.

Laptop Insurance companies as the name implies only deal with laptop insurance. This means that their staff is well trained in this field. They are able to understand your questions and concerns regarding coverage. They are able to provide written policies that specifically pertain to the laptop. They keep themselves aware of replacement and depreciation values. They are tuned into how important this particular item is to you.
General Insurance companies perhaps have a small section dedicated to this particular item, but in all likeliness, this section covers other items as well. They may not place the emphasis on the importance of handling your claim.

Home insurance additions require some investigation. It could easily be assumed that the coverage is only applicable when the laptop is on the home premises. Some excellent online Insurance Companies deal specifically with laptop insurance.

What should I look for from the Insurance Companies

You want to be sure you can easily understand all that is within their policy. They should try to answer all of your questions that you present to them, In addition they should understand if you want to take a bit of time to think about it. You should never feel pressured or rushed by them. If possible, see if you can talk to some of their other clients, or do they offer testimonies. Also, find out how long they have been in business. See how clear and simple they explain what they have to offer. Be sure they have extensive coverage. Look for a Company that offers easy application.

Laptop Insurance Information

September 14th, 2009

This article is to inform you of all the benefits that laptop insurance can offer you. Actually there is so much to review the article is done in two.

Item #1: Accidental damage:
No matter how hard we try to protect our valuables, there is always a risk that something can happen to them. Usually its accidental. It is not uncommon to drop a laptop, or have someone bump into you accidentally knocking it to the floor. Know exactly what your laptop or gadget insurance provider will cover in the event of this happening. What factors will they determine in when deciding to either fix it or replace it? Furthermore, is there a deductible for this claim.

Item #2: Geographical coverage.
Many people purchase laptops because they can use them on business trips. If your laptop was to incur damage in some other country, would your insurance policy cover it, or would it be void, because it was outside of the country. Many laptop insurance companies differ on this point.
This may be a very important factor to you. After all, if you frequently take your computer out of a local area, then it needs the same protection. There is no point in paying for insurance that is only good half the time.

Item #3:Cracked Screens
This is a nightmare for a laptop owner. You open up you computer and all you see is this big ugly crack running across the screen, and you don’t have any idea how it go there. This happens on a frequent basis. Often people will set a laptop down in an area where they feel it is safe from being knocked off. Then someone comes along and sets something heavy on it. Without even realizing it. They have cracked the screen. Find out if your insurance provider insures this type of accident and if so what are the limitations and conditions.

Item #4: Vandalism
Just as bad as someone stealing your laptop is someone that is just plain destructive and damages it. The insurance company has to know it was vandalized and not accidentally damaged because different conditions and terms may apply. For example, you may have a deductible if the damage was from an accident. However, no deductible if it was a cause of vandalism.

Item #5: Drops
You are carrying a bunch of schoolbooks and your computer is sitting on top of them. All of a sudden, it slides off and hits the floor. This technically comes under the term accidental, but was it through carelessness. This is something that your particular laptop insurance company may take into consideration and question. You need to know the exact specifications of accidental. The accident was because of something you did, no one else was involved. Therefore, will the laptop insurance company still cover this because it may really have been avoidable?

Thinking about buying a Laptop

September 11th, 2009

You are thinking about buying a new laptop computer. Therefore, you are surfing the net for good deals and keep coming across sites that are offering laptop insurance. You sort of keep this in the back of your mind and continue on researching for the laptop deals.

Finally, you end up making your purchase and you now have your new state of the art expensive laptop in your possession. You now hold your breath if anyone even comes near it and you handle it as if it were glass. Then suddenly you recall seeing those sites about laptop insurance. You decide that it might be a good thing to check it out. Yes, you have made a smart decision to this, now lets talk about what you are going to discover.

First, numerous excellent sites on the net are reputable Laptop Insurance Providers. So, take your time and see what they have to offer. They will all offer the basics, but many of them offer additional benefits. Your job will be to determine if the basics cover all of your needs. Do you require any of the additional benefits? Is the cost factor for the additional benefits worth the extra protection? You can only answer these questions by knowing what you need. You must realize that you can only obtain insurance for a laptop that has value. If you have purchased a refurbished laptop, you may be narrowed down in your choice of laptop insurance companies to choose from. With some careful research, you may find a company that offers this type of insurance. Again, this will depend on the circumstances.

Here is an example of some things you may come across when doing your research. You will find a variety of positive and negative aspects.

Some companies will offer to let you do payment installments.

Not everyone has the money to pay for the insurance all at once, so this may be an ideal solution. Be sure that you are not paying a much higher premium for this additional benefit. It may not be worth it.

There are companies that will not insure a laptop computer that is more than 3 or maybe 6 months old. This is based on their opinion of how fast these items may depreciate. Therefore, replacement costs would be too high for them.

There are limits to the amount of coverage you can get. For example, they may offer coverage up to $2,500. Yet, your particular laptop cost you $3,000. You may want to shop around for companies with higher limits, if there is a big difference.

Some with advertise how fast it takes to pay out claims. This is an important benefit. You may be able to find a commitment to replace your laptop within 48 hoarse. After all, if you depend on your laptop for school or business, you need it replaced or repaired as quickly as possible. Then you must pay close attention to all of the coverage they will provide. This should be your first concern, followed by the cost of the premiums. Coverage such as liquid, accidental, and malicious damage is necessary. Then theft incl. from a car, and worldwide coverage is very important as well