This article is to inform you of all the benefits that laptop insurance can offer you. Actually there is so much to review the article is done in two.

Item #1: Accidental damage:
No matter how hard we try to protect our valuables, there is always a risk that something can happen to them. Usually its accidental. It is not uncommon to drop a laptop, or have someone bump into you accidentally knocking it to the floor. Know exactly what your laptop or gadget insurance provider will cover in the event of this happening. What factors will they determine in when deciding to either fix it or replace it? Furthermore, is there a deductible for this claim.

Item #2: Geographical coverage.
Many people purchase laptops because they can use them on business trips. If your laptop was to incur damage in some other country, would your insurance policy cover it, or would it be void, because it was outside of the country. Many laptop insurance companies differ on this point.
This may be a very important factor to you. After all, if you frequently take your computer out of a local area, then it needs the same protection. There is no point in paying for insurance that is only good half the time.

Item #3:Cracked Screens
This is a nightmare for a laptop owner. You open up you computer and all you see is this big ugly crack running across the screen, and you don’t have any idea how it go there. This happens on a frequent basis. Often people will set a laptop down in an area where they feel it is safe from being knocked off. Then someone comes along and sets something heavy on it. Without even realizing it. They have cracked the screen. Find out if your insurance provider insures this type of accident and if so what are the limitations and conditions.

Item #4: Vandalism
Just as bad as someone stealing your laptop is someone that is just plain destructive and damages it. The insurance company has to know it was vandalized and not accidentally damaged because different conditions and terms may apply. For example, you may have a deductible if the damage was from an accident. However, no deductible if it was a cause of vandalism.

Item #5: Drops
You are carrying a bunch of schoolbooks and your computer is sitting on top of them. All of a sudden, it slides off and hits the floor. This technically comes under the term accidental, but was it through carelessness. This is something that your particular laptop insurance company may take into consideration and question. You need to know the exact specifications of accidental. The accident was because of something you did, no one else was involved. Therefore, will the laptop insurance company still cover this because it may really have been avoidable?

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