If you are debating whether you need laptop insurance coverage then consider these statistics. Over 72,000 laptops are stolen every year, and an additional 108,000 are damaged due to various reasons. Therefore, if your laptop is of great value to you, from a personal point of view as well as a cost factor, then you most likely need laptop insurance. Once you have made a decision you will now be faced with several questions. Here are the most likely questions you will need to find the answers to.

Can I afford it?
Probably the more realistic question, which you have already answered, is, Can I afford not to? Look over your finances and determine what you feel you can afford for Insurance. Do not check out the prices being offered by the various insurance companies yet. If you are reasonable in your budget allotment, you may find you are pleasantly surprised in what it will get you. Whereas if you research one of two companies just to determine the cost of premiums, you may end up disappointed. By this, I mean you may see at quote for a £100. So this is what you budget. Then when you check out what the policy will cover, it does not give you half of what you need.

Where Do I Find Insurance Companies?
First, you need to decide do you want to deal with an Insurance company that only deals with this specialized type of insurance. Alternatively, do you want to deal with a general insurance company? Alternatively, perhaps you are thinking you could just add your laptop to your general home insurance. Before making this decision consider these factors.

Laptop Insurance companies as the name implies only deal with laptop insurance. This means that their staff is well trained in this field. They are able to understand your questions and concerns regarding coverage. They are able to provide written policies that specifically pertain to the laptop. They keep themselves aware of replacement and depreciation values. They are tuned into how important this particular item is to you.
General Insurance companies perhaps have a small section dedicated to this particular item, but in all likeliness, this section covers other items as well. They may not place the emphasis on the importance of handling your claim.

Home insurance additions require some investigation. It could easily be assumed that the coverage is only applicable when the laptop is on the home premises. Some excellent online Insurance Companies deal specifically with laptop insurance.

What should I look for from the Insurance Companies

You want to be sure you can easily understand all that is within their policy. They should try to answer all of your questions that you present to them, In addition they should understand if you want to take a bit of time to think about it. You should never feel pressured or rushed by them. If possible, see if you can talk to some of their other clients, or do they offer testimonies. Also, find out how long they have been in business. See how clear and simple they explain what they have to offer. Be sure they have extensive coverage. Look for a Company that offers easy application.

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