In previous articles we have talked about various things you will come across in your laptop insurance policy that you don’t understand. It’s important that you do gain some knowledge as to what these things mean. In this article we are going to cover a few other terms to give you a better understanding of what a insurance policy covers.

Claims Notification and Requirements.
This section will outline the rules set by your particular laptop insurance company as to how you are to notify them if you need to make a claim. Don’t just assume that you just make a phone call and that’s it. Technically you must follow the rules as outlined in the conditions of your policy.
They may state that you must notify them by telephone as well as mail with a detailed summary of the event. You may be responsible to have filed a police report.

Claims Settlement:
Here you will find the details as to how basically the Insurance Company will go about settling a claim. Don’t just assume that if something accidentally happens to your computer that you can just take it in and have it repaired and then send the bill to the Insurance company for compensation. It doesn’t work that way.

Alteration of Working Conditions:
When your laptop is insured ,it is insured as being in proper working condition. That’s why often you can’t get coverage for used laptops. If during any time you were to discover something wasn’t working right regarding the laptop and it could be a hazard, for example faulty components that could start a fire. This must be reported to the Insurance company, plus you will be expected to rectify the problem immediately by having it repaired. This is just a basic example. Read this area of your policy carefully.

If for some reason you laptop had to be replaced, lets say it had been stolen. So the laptop insurance company replaces it for you. Then a short time later the original one is found and returned to you. You don’t get to keep it, this must be turned into the Insurance company. It’s now their property.

Right Of Inspection;
This section will tell you that the computer insurance company has the right at any time to ask you to produce the laptop for their inspection. If it has been improperly handled and in poor working condition this will become evident in the inspection. It could then affect your policy.

If something comes to the attention of the Insurance Company that a condition may not be being met, they can suspend or put your policy on hold . They will notify you in writing of this. Which means during this suspension you have no right to make any claims should the need arise. In reality you are not covered during this period.

Now knowing a bit more about what the definitions mean, it may enhance your awareness of what your responsibilities and the laptop insurance’s obligations are. You know what a policy will basically consist of. Now find a reputable Insurance company that will explain everything to you in plain and simple terms. Where you can fill in a simple online application and know there are no hidden clauses.

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