Need Computer Insurance with Worldwide Cover and Guaranteed Replacement?

Computer insurance purchased here offers comprehensive laptop cover. For only 10p a day you are able to get insurance for a range of issues that may occur and ultimately cost you a fortune to replace or repair. As standard on every policy your cover includes a guaranteed 48 hours replacement service. So if you need to get your laptop replaced swiftly you will not have to wait for hours on end.

With computer insurance in place you will be protected against:

  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Worldwide, Global cover

...and don't forget, if you need your Laptop replaced in a hurry, you will not have to wait for a long, your laptop will be replaced within 48 hours, guaranteed!

PC Travel Insurance

Many people take their notebook, macbooks and laptop computers and all over the world with us now and they certainly break up the monotony of the long distance plane journeys as computers act as virtual portable entertainment centres. We can listen to music, watch films and even conduct business operations to help minimise the boredom of a long haul flight. However as we are able to travel with out laptop computers the risk of damage to them subsequently increases.

Laptop computer insurance is perfect for those who want to take their laptop computers on holiday, or indeed on long haul business trips as it provides worldwide cover as standard. If you break your computer while you are away, simply contact our dedicated support team and they will take you through the claims process accordingly.

A range of Laptop Cover

PC insurance purchased from this website offers 2 different types of cover. We don'd need to provide a computer insurance quote as our prices are simple:

  • For only £39.90 you get coverage for a laptop priced up to £600.
  • For £69.90 you are covered for laptops that are priced up to £1200.

Even if you have a PC that is priced higher, contact a member of our support team and we will provide you with an instant quote.

Total Protection - Liquid Included!

There are various risks that you can face and the majority of these risks are covered with both the standard and executive policies. Take liquid damage to your laptop as an example. Many hundreds of laptops get damaged every day, and this can be directly attributable to spillages. If you spilt a drink you can virutally be assured that the damage would be deemed irreparable.

If you had insurance for computers in place, then you would be covered for any liquid, or indeed accidental damage. A quick phone call to a member of the dedicated support team would then ensure that you could claim on your insurance policy.

48 Hours Replacement

Forty Eight hours is the length of time it would take to replace and should you have to make a claim and it deemed to be damaged beyond repair. This small timeframe for reimbursement is crucial for those who rely heavily upon their notebooks and laptop computers.

As there is a dedicated claims line in place, there is no need to wait for weeks to receive the paperwork, which can often take hours to complete and then return. Similarly there is no need to worry about your household premiums increasing. As this is a specialist policy and is separate from your home insurance, your premiums will stay the same!

Student Computer Insurance

Students going away to University to study need laptop computers and some would argue they are the most essential piece of equipment. As the cheapest cover is only 10p per day and it provides accidental coverage and liquid damage as standard it is a perfect student computer insurance policy for students wanting to take their budget, or indeed expensive laptop computers with them to university.

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Laptop Cost

Up to £600
Up to £1200

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Computer Insurance

Travelling with your computer on Business?

We offer Worldwide Cover!

Need a quick replacement?

48 hours replacment

Need Liquid Coverage?

Any spillages can be claimed for. Liquid Damage is standard with every policy

Computers are such an important piece of equipment without them it is hard to imagine just how we coped before their inception. We use them for so many things from business to pleasure, from studying at home to studying at university. There versatility does however make them susceptible to damage.

The simple fact is that is you have computer insurance you will be safeguarded against many issues that you could find yourself experiencing with your computer. We have recognised this and offer protection against the most common risks, including:

  • Liquid Damage
  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft

So if you are studying and require student cover then this is perfect as you are able to get your laptop insured for whilst you are away studying.

Similarly, if you need travel cover, the policy affords you protection for when you are travelling to important business meetings.As if you need travel cover you're covered as every policy purchased through this site offers worldwide protection as standard, on every policy. So if you are jetting off around the world and you need to take your computer with you, with our coverage in place you can be rest assured, knowing you have your laptop computer insured for a variety of sometimes unforseen risks.








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