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According to government sources the rise of laptop theft in the United Kingdom is steadily rising.  An average of yearly thefts equals about 6% of the cases reported to the police force and this number is continuing to climb.  Data is lost, personal information is compromised and the problem of a single laptop being stolen can cause companies and individuals alone hassles that last for years.  If you own a laptop or use one for your job and travel on a consistent basis you may want to contact your insurance agent and get a computer insurance quote.

It’s true that the prices of computers are coming down lower and lower every day, but losing a laptop or having something happen to it through no fault of your own is something no one wants to deal with.  Computer insurance can protect your investment in the event of theft or damage that is beyond normal wear and tear.  Computers today, especially laptops, come filled with a lot of features that are expensive to replace and if something were to happen to your laptop you will pay a pretty penny to get it all returned to you without some form of protection.

Insurance for computers is not expensive and it could be covered on your homeowner’s insurance as an additional rider for as little as ?7.00 a month.  You need to also check with your place of employment to see if they offer business computer insurance if you travel for your job and carry one of their laptops so that you can work.  Business laptops will not be covered under your homeowner’s so it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if you are dealing with sensitive information.

You can protect your laptop by following a few basic tips that will help keep your pc insurance claims to a minimum.  Always secure your laptop with a Universal Security Slot lock so that you can lock your computer to an immobile object.  If you are not someplace where you can watch your laptop at all times, lock it in a secure place, such as a filing cabinet.  If you have to leave your laptop in your car, lock it in the boot.  Always backup all of your files on some form of removable media and store it someplace away from your laptop.  Make sure you disable your guest account in Microsoft Windows and never save passwords on your computer for others to find and use to steal your identity.



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Would you like laptop computer insurance for travelling abroad?

Computer insurance offers worldwide cover, perfect for your summer holiday!

Do you want laptop computer insurance for your son or daughter going to University?

Laptop Insurance offers computer insurance protection for all your family!

With laptop computer insurance you are able to have the peace of mind knowing that if you damage your laptop computer, and you have our insurance in place, you will get your stolen/damaged/dropped/smashed laptop computer replaced within 48 hours.

You are also able to take your expensive laptop computer wherever you want to go and still have the laptop computer insurance cover in place. If you want to go on holiday then you can take your computer with you and if you damage it, you will be able to claim accordingly.

Despite our cheap computer insurance being only £3.99 per month, you can still be assured that the cover is comprehensive and will offer your laptop computer the cover needed.

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