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Owning a computer – especially a laptop – is great for anyone who likes to stay connected at all times to the World Wide Web.  However, things like power surges, spills, and other damage that goes above and beyond normal wear and tear can quickly cut you off from being connected.  If you are worried about your computer systems, major investments for most people, then you may want to seriously consider taking out a computer insurance policy.  You never want to rely on your homeowner’s insurance to cover the cost of replacing your system if it is stolen or damaged.  In many cases, this insurance is simply not enough.

If you are not sure whether insurance for computers are the right thing for you, consider the following:

  • As mentioned above, your homeowner’s insurance may be adequate protection if you are using you computer at home.  If you are planning on travelling with your laptop, you need to find out if your policy will protect it while you are out on the road.  Many of them do not, requiring you to add an additional rider to your policy or making your homeowner’s policy an all-risk one.
  • The upper end of your policy may not be enough to cover the cost of replacing your computer with a new one.  Computers, like cars, depreciate, and it you purchased a computer for £2,000 a year ago, it may only be worth ?500 pounds when the policy claim is filed.  Your computer insurance will only pay out the present value of the computer when it was stolen or damaged.
  • If you claim your computer under your home’s contents insurance – the standard for most homeowner’s insurance policies – you may see your premium go up.
  • Laptops that will be used by your children during their time at university may not be covered unless your policy is an all risk policy.  It’s a good idea to have a separate policy in effect to protect their computers while away from home.

If you think having a policy in place is a good idea, you should get a computer insurance quote to find out how much more this protection will cost you.  Warranties are not enough to cover theft, accidental damage or other loss.  A good insurance policy should only cost you about 10% of the computer and associated peripherals that could be damaged or stolen at the same time.

Computers used for your job should be covered under a business computer insurance policy.  It’s a good idea to check with your job to see if it is.

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Computer insurance offers worldwide cover, perfect for your summer holiday!

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Laptop Insurance offers computer insurance protection for all your family!

With laptop computer insurance you are able to have the peace of mind knowing that if you damage your laptop computer, and you have our insurance in place, you will get your stolen/damaged/dropped/smashed laptop computer replaced within 48 hours.

You are also able to take your expensive laptop computer wherever you want to go and still have the laptop computer insurance cover in place. If you want to go on holiday then you can take your computer with you and if you damage it, you will be able to claim accordingly.

Despite our cheap computer insurance being only £3.99 per month, you can still be assured that the cover is comprehensive and will offer your laptop computer the cover needed.

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