Need Laptop Insurance that Guarantees you a Replacement & Offers 12 months Cover for the Price of 11?

Take out an annual policy today and you will automatically get 1 months FREE Laptop Insurance. Our cover includes Accidental Damage, Liquid Damage, Theft Protection, Family Cover and Worldwide Cover.

Our instant online cover for Laptop Computers up to £600 is only £3.99 per month or £43.89 per year. If your laptop is over £600 the cover is £6.99 per month or £76.89 per year.

The simple application form takes seconds to complete and once payment is made you are covered instantly for theft, accidental damage, liquid damage, worldwide cover AND Rapid Replacement with Family Cover included on every policy.

Got other gadgets you need to insure? Insure your Mobile Phone, Digital Camera, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii or almost any other gadget alongside your laptop from only £9.99 per month for any 3 Gadgets, or £14.99 per month for any 5 Gadgets.

All of your gadgets will also be covered for Loss (Mobile Phones), Theft, Accidental Damage, Liquid Damage and Guaranteed Hour Replacement.


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Why Laptop Insurance?
Liquid Damage and Accidental Damage
Theft Coverage, including theft from a car
Guaranteed replacement laptop computer
Cover protects your whole family
Global Coverage
All policies underwritten by Equity Red Star

Cheap Laptop Insurance 12 months for 11

Laptop Insurance -Free Insurance

The computer cover that is available here offers instant online protection from only £3.99 per month. You can save even more money by taking out an annual policy by getting 1 month free. This incredible value cover does not lack any protection though - you will still be covered...anywhere in the world.

With more and more people owning computers it is essential that consideration is given to getting it covered in case the unfortunate happens and you need to get protected. With our instant online cover you will find that you have quick replacement as standard, perfect if you need to get a replacement quickly.

As more and more people are purchasing laptop computers, the actual number of laptops being stolen is on the rise. Police forces throughout the United Kingdom have recently published statistics to show the number of laptops stolen has risen significantly. Take care with you laptop computer, and do not leave it on show. If you have to take your laptop in your car, ensure you do not leave it on display and do not, under any circumstances leave it unattended.

Accidental Damage, Liquid Damage and Computer Theft

Accidental Damage to your computer through water damage and spillages is one of the most common causes of computer breakdown. Theft is also a common issue that research would suggest is on the increase. Both accidental damage and theft cover are often not included in equipment warranty purchased with new laptops but is included with every policy purchased though this site.

Laptops can be stolen from anywhere - even the ministry of defence has recently admitted to having 660 laptops stolen from them over a 4 year period!

Our computer cover offers theft protection cover as standard on every policy, including theft from a home or secure vehicle cover.

Laptop Insurance covers all these...and more!!

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Secure laptop insurance payments

Direct Debit and Secure Online Ordering

Pay Annually by Credit/Debit Card



Laptop Cost

Monthly Premium
Up to £600
£600 - £1200
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Secure laptop insurance payments

Direct Debit and Secure Online Ordering

Pay Annually by Credit/Debit Card

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Gadget Insurance

Insure 3
Covers any 3 Gadgets of £500 Each
Insure 5
Covers any 5 Gadgets of £500 Each


Insure 3 Gadgets Example:

Laptop Insurance + Mobile Insurance + Camera Insurance = £9.99 per month

Click to Insure 3 Gadgets

Insure 5 Gadgets Example:

Laptop Insurance + Mobile Insurance + PDA Insurance + Camera Insurance + PSP Insurance = £14.99 per month

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Secure laptop insurance payments

Direct Debit and Secure Online Ordering

Pay Annually by Credit/Debit Card

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Are you a student going away to University?

Accidental & Liquid Damage with every Policy!

Going on holiday with your Laptop Computer?

Worldwide Protection is standard!

Would you like cover for all your family?

Computer Cover for all of your family!

If you are a student going away to university and you have a mobile phone, computer and digital camera, you can get all three items insured for only £99.90 per year and, if any item was damaged they would be guaranteed to be replaced.

If you are thinking of taking your computer on holiday, or if you are taking any gadgets with you on holiday with both single cover computer cover and multi gadget cover, you have worldwide protection for your computer whilst you are on holiday.

One of the key features of the computer insurance policy is that if you take out the cover, your family members are also protected. So your nearest and dearest can also benefit from our comprehensive yet cheap, laptop insurance cover.

Laptop computer protections is essential for many reasons. If you could not be without your laptop computer or other expensive gadgets for any length of time, then our cover is perfect as your laptop and gadgets will be replaced quickly!

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