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If you are going to invest in a laptop computer, itís a good idea to look into laptop computer insurance.† More and more people are using laptops in their daily business dealings, for schoolwork, and for simple everyday entertainment and communication needs.† The convenience of a laptop makes taking your computer everywhere you go a simple pleasure.† However, this convenience can also cause problems, especially when your laptop is jarred, dropped, or banged in any way.† This can cause the entire internal working system to become compromised and stop working properly.† And this is before we even mention someone stealing your laptop out from under you.

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Considering the amount of money you invest in your laptop system protecting it is no different than protecting your car or your home.† To insure laptop systems from damage or theft you need to make sure your protect physically the best way can Ė for example, use padded laptop cases for both storage and travel Ė and look into a special notebook insurance policy that will cover the cost of replacing or repairing your laptop in the event of theft, loss of any kind, loss or damage incurred through natural disasters, or damage of any kind.† However, normal wear and tear of the laptop is not covered under your insurance policy.

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Most insurance policies that cover laptops are applicable in the country you purchase it in.† If you think you will be doing extensive travel abroad with your computer, verify that your coverage will be in force during the time.† If you have other electronic equipment that you will be travelling with on a regular basis, consider seeking out insurance for those items as well.† Quite often you can roll insurance for digital cameras, camcorders, and your iPod in with your computer insurance for a small additional fee.

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Laptop insurance will protect your computer at home as well as while travelling.† It is a good idea to research numerous insurance policies to find the one that fits your lifestyle and budget while protecting your laptop from any eventuality.† Always use a reliable company and make sure you understand what is and isnít covered before you sign any paperwork.


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Up to £600
Up to £1200

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Pay Annually by Credit/Debit Card

Would you like laptop computer insurance for travelling abroad?

Computer insurance offers worldwide cover, perfect for your summer holiday!

Do you want laptop computer insurance for your son or daughter going to University?

Laptop Insurance offers computer insurance protection for all your family!

With laptop computer insurance you are able to have the peace of mind knowing that if you damage your laptop computer, and you have our insurance in place, you will get your stolen/damaged/dropped/smashed laptop computer replaced within 48 hours.

You are also able to take your expensive laptop computer wherever you want to go and still have the laptop computer insurance cover in place. If you want to go on holiday then you can take your computer with you and if you damage it, you will be able to claim accordingly.

Despite our cheap computer insurance being only £3.99 per month, you can still be assured that the cover is comprehensive and will offer your laptop computer the cover needed.

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